Phyllostachys vivax

Phyllostachys vivax is one of the fastest growing large size bamboos.  Given good soil, water, and nutrients, it can achieve large sizes within 5 years.  One drawback to this species is the wood is weaker than other species of timber bamboo, so in areas of heavy snow, or high winds, some culms can break in winter. 

    Phyllostachys vivax closely resembles the Japanese Timber Bamboo -Phyllostachys bambusoides- but the culm walls are thinner, and the color of the culms rapidly changes from bright green to yellow/green.  The shoots on both these bamboos are almost identical.



       A one year old vivax just planted - 1 culm, 4' tall                       A 3 year old vivax in the ground- over 10' tall


                             Phyllostachys vivax- new shoots growing




Care requirements for Phyllostachys vivax

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