Phyllostachys nigra

The famous Black Bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra is probably the most sought after decorative landscape bamboo.  Reaching decent heights, the canes emerge in the spring a normal green color.  As they age, the canes slowly develop black markings at the nodes, then slowly turn all black.  There are numerous forms of Black Bamboo, some, like the famous 'Daikokuchiku' form from California, supposedly reach larger sizes, and turn black quickly.  Some forms take up to 3 years to turn a solid black.  There are forms that turn a muddy brown, rather than deep jet black, forms that have specks of dark like an over ripe banana, some have splotches of dark, stripes of dark, or that turn dark only in specific areas like the groove above the branches. 

Much argument has ensued about the many forms of black bamboo, and only the distinct forms are considered individual varieties and are named.  There are many being sold that may or may not be of different type than the standard Black Bamboo, leading to much confusion among newcomers to the bamboo hobby.

Care requirements for Phyllostachys nigra

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