Sasa veitchii

A standard in Japanese style gardens, Sasa veitchii makes a superb screen, or if maintained low, a beatufull groundcover.  In the spring and summer, the new leaves are a beautifull shade of green, however, this plants crowning glory, and the reason for its popularity come with winter- as the weather cools, the edges of the leaf die and bleach white, giving the plant a variegated effect.  the result is spectacular when the rest of the garden has slowed down and begins to look dreary.
Care requirements for Sasa veitchii
  • Light- Shade to part sun
  • Water- Moderate water requirement, low once established
  • Temperature- down to 0F
  • Size- Can reach 10' tall in ideal conditions. canes can be up to 1/2" diameter, but are hidden by the folliage
  • Running Bamboo- use containment methods to controll growth as needed- Rhizome Pruning Methods

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